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05/11/2022 08:00 AM

Hidden Gems

We’re so very fortunate to live in Clinton, where so many varied activities can always be found. There are numerous organizations striving to put forth their very best efforts most weekends. These hidden gems work long hours to provide us with very professional offerings.

I was reminded of one such organization when I attended a performance by the Shoreline Theater Academy a few weeks ago. Haven’t heard about Shoreline Theater Academy? You might know it as Kidz Konnection, which doesn’t begin to describe what it’s all about now. They started out 16 years ago with just 10 students and now are a full-blown theater academy with a complete course offering for our younger children to our most senior young adults.

It’s a place where first and foremost children are safe and cared about. They’re given a chance to explore, expand, and develop their natural talents. Those talents are then transferred to performing in one of the many stage presentations the Shoreline Theater Academy performs for the public.

The academy presents full scale productions performed at Town Hall or more intimate offerings in its newly remodeled in-house theater at its home The Academy Building 61 East Main Street, Clinton. Its offerings don’t end there. It also offers a summer season filled with many varied productions. These free outdoor offerings often attract hundreds of viewers.

Under the direction of Laura Attanasio, the lessons taught help build the confidence of these young people. The skills that they’ve learned are on full display in the many productions they appear in.

So right here in our very town, we’re not only able to see some of the outstanding Broadway productions, but we’re able to witness some of our very own display what they’ve learned at Shoreline Theater Academy. Don’t miss their next public production.

Miner T. Vincent