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04/27/2022 08:00 AM

The Imminent Sale

Madison residents are interested in the status of the imminent sale of Deer Lake Boy Scout Camp in Killingworth, and I’d like to share some information.

Because of lawsuits against the national Boy Scouts organization, its councils across the U.S. are forced to sell property to raise funds. Yankee Council will, therefore, be selling Deer Lake. Bids were requested by March 31. Some land preservation interests offered $2.4 million, a paltry sum for a gorgeous, 255-acre property off Green Hill Road. One of the board members of Yankee Council, Margaret Streicker, offered $4.6 million, with the understanding that the property would have houses developed on it.

In a last-ditch effort to keep the land green, the preservation folks asked if the bidding could be extended to May 1. Streicker agreed.

Last week Governor Ned Lamont proposed that the state provide some supplementary funds. Hopefully, he will find some people who can help to finance the land preservation team. U.S. Senator Blumenthal chose the low road, however, accusing the Yankee Council of violating “the ethics and ethos of the Boy Scouts.” Shame on the senator. Instead of trying to help, he tries to shame the people who are doing everything they can to keep the Boy Scouts from bankruptcy.

Others have taken even worse approaches. Streicker has received hate mail daily. Some have accused the council of colluding with Streicker to drive up the price. This ridiculous claim ignores the fact that Streicker has agreed to pay the higher price. Why would she drive it up so high?

I sincerely hope that the land can be preserved. In any event, I am grateful to those in the council who have labored to make scouting a wonderful experience, now and in the future.

Dennis Crowe