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04/27/2022 08:00 AM

Always the Stepped On

The small creek that runs parallel to Burr Street is the town line between New Haven and East Haven, so only the present Tweed-New Haven airport terminal and some parking is on New Haven property. The rest is in East Haven. It’s a large piece of property that we get no taxes for and only a pittance from the state.

It irks me that East Haven is always the stepped on. We have such a nice little town here in East Haven. It’s the secret of the area. Houses and taxes are reasonable, residents love their families and friends, we are on the Sound, we have trees, and people smile and talk to each other. It’s nice.

Now they want to build a main airport terminal on our land, not in New Haven’s, mind you—they don’t have any land. The water table in that area is high, and pressure from the buildings will only increase flooding. And think about how people will get to the terminal. It’s a study in more eminent domain to accommodate traffic, and our houses and property will be again sacrificed for New Haven. Imagine watching the traffic jams while sitting on your porch—more pollution from cars and buses.

Let’s go back to LaGuardia and Kennedy airports. Their runways end at water. Want to guess the next place the HVN Airport will want to extend the runway? I repeat, what happened to the former agreement we had to limit the number of flights in and out of the airport?

Peggy Thomas

East Haven