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04/20/2022 08:00 AM

United for Ukraine

The Vigil for Ukraine on April 3 at First Congregational Church was a huge success, bringing the community together and raising more than $6,000 for United for Ukraine (u4u), a nonprofit created by local residents with Ukrainian roots to purchase equipment for hospitals and volunteer patrols in Ukraine (

The donated funds were used to purchase dialysis supplies to treat wounded soldiers and are now in use at a hospital in Kharkiv. (U4U volunteers purchase equipment and supplies from sources in Eastern Europe and Ukraine to minimize shipping time with zero overhead costs.)

Our deepest thanks to the congregations of Temple Beth Tikvah and First Congregational Church for helping to organize the vigil, all of the speakers and clergy who informed and inspired us, Guilford High School Voices, Stu Weinzimer and Jodie Ambrosino for their musical contributions, and the community members who attended and donated so generously.

Irina Esterlis

Karen Goldberg

Christine Dokko