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04/06/2022 08:00 AM

A Highfalutin Decision

As a resident of East Haven for 68 years, I was appalled to find out that the East Haven Skate Park had been dismantled. I live around the corner from the park and I enjoyed seeing people going outside, being active, and using the park on a regular basis, regardless of the weather or season. Previous to the park, there were tennis courts which are seldom used.

In 2017, a state grant of $200,000 was given to build the park. But then, in secrecy, some bureaucrats made a hair-brained and highfalutin decision to dismantle the park, which has affected the community of young and old alike.

Is this even legal as these were state funds, which may stipulate that with changes made, the money would have to be returned? Who are these people and what is their aim?

I worry about the physical and psychological health of the young people these past two years, as normal activities and socialization has been curtailed. There is nothing more healthy than breathing fresh air and keeping your body active and yet some came to this conclusion?

Their argument against the park is that nefarious things were going on—smoking pot, needles and nip bottles being found. To blame that on the kids using the park is just plain wrong. Strange cars come and go and park at the school and also at the soccer field where I have found similar trash. Should we close that as well?

These decisions in town are being made by people who have forgotten we are a republic, not a monarchy.

Joan Sayers

East Haven