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03/23/2022 08:00 AM

Flag Help Needed

The Exchange Club has kept the American flags flying on Old Saybrook’s Main Street since the program was instituted. This year we need some help.

About seven years ago, we replaced the brackets that hold the flags. Many of these are in need of replacement. We need someone with welding experience to help us assemble new ones. We will provide the parts. We just need someone to assemble them. I’ll leave a sample bracket with Andy at the Paint Shop on Main Street.

We want to be ready in advance of Memorial Day, so every light pole proudly displays the American flags again this season. I’m sure there are talented welders who will donate some time to help us. I encourage your readers to see Andy or give me a call at 860-918-3244 or email For those are not a welder but would like to help us keep the flag program viable, we will gladly accept any financial contribution to help us with supplies. Each one of the 46 flags we fly on Main Street cost about $50. Many inevitably are damaged each year. Your readers can donate by dropping a check off at the Paint Shop or by mailing C/O Exchange Club P.O. Box 400 Old Saybrook, CT 06475. We thank everyone in advance for their support.

Don Hunt

Old Saybrook