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03/16/2022 08:00 AM

Save This Land

In January, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal visited Deer Lake in Killingworth and publicly promised to try to find federal funds to preserve the 255 acres. Specifically, you quoted him: “...I will be going to the Water and Land Conservation Fund of the Great Outdoors Act seeking whatever resources we can find…I am going to go to the federal government and I am going to pound on doors, and go to public officials, and make the case that this 255 acres is not just about Connecticut, but about the ecological system that it supports.” [Feb. 3 story Efforts Intensify to Preserve Deer Lake.”]

Now, as the owner of the property says it will consider bids greater than the one it has received, I have not heard a response from Senator Blumenthal’s office. Meanwhile, State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) has similarly failed, yet you provided her a forum to criticize the private seller without asking her why she hasn’t delivered anything from the state government [March 3 story “Deer Lake to be Sold for Private Development”]. I hope First Selectwoman Nancy Gorski can figure out a creative solution to save this land. Unfortunately, beyond appearing at a staged photo opportunity, neither Senator Cohen or Blumenthal is going to help.

John Dusza