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03/16/2022 08:00 AM

Return the Favor

In regard to the article about blight complaints to Zoning Enforcement Officer Kathy King [March 3, “Blight Complaints on the Rise in Clinton”] and her remark stating they were due to citizens of Clinton becoming stir crazy from the pandemic, what an insult!

I complained about a house with about five abandoned camping trailers, abandoned inground pool so grown over that I’m sure it contributes to the local mosquito population, and oh yeah, the chimney was on the garage roof for over a year. Chimney fixed; the rest is still there.

How about a derelict car on the side of the road for years—still there. How about, right outside my front door (zoned residential area), the commercial firewood production complete with Bobcat, excavator, splitter, dump trucks, and chainsaws (oh the chainsaws). King informed me that there was no noise ordinance in Clinton. She said they might just be cutting wood for their own heat despite the sign on the road firewood for sale. Still there, but bigger now.

By the way, all of these complaint were on a single, quarter-mile stretch of road you drive to get to my house, which is great for visitors. I could continue going on about the new parking lot a neighbor put in that now floods my back yard, but what’s the point? She did nothing about any of them. She actually said to me that she can’t tell people what to do with their yards. If she wants to refer to me as stir crazy, I’ll return the favor and refer to her as inept.

Mike Shafnacker