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03/16/2022 08:00 AM

For All Who Believed

Save Academy formed in 2018 with two missions: to save our land and achieve a fair vote. At that time, Academy had been sitting vacant for 14 years. Save Academy supporters promised to continue the fight “all the way to referendum”. On Feb. 15, Academy finally came to referendum. The Academy community center passed.

It’s been a long road. As my friend and soldier for the cause Dick Passero would say, “It’s a been a real slog, but it’s worth it”.

I offer appreciation to town leaders for establishing an inclusive process and allowing Madison voters to decide and recognize the committees since 2004 whose studies, research, and recommendations consistently concluded that Academy is a town asset worth keeping. And I offer big thanks to the many volunteers and supporters over the years whose time and effort helped save this land and historic school building gifted by Daniel Hand.

And for all who believed in the process and voted, they made this happen. Their voices were heard.

Kathryn Hunter