Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Protect and Serve with Kindness

As a ten-year resident of Old Saybrook, I wish to share my experiences in dealing with the Old Saybrook Police Department (OSPD).

Two summers ago, I was driving on Main Street when a dog ran into the side of my moving car. I called 911 and a member of the OSPD responded. He was sympathetic about my situation and made sure that the dog was OK and its owner knew what had happened. I appreciated his calm demeanor and professionalism.

Last summer, walking along the Maple Avenue promenade, I saw a gentleman with a walker crossing the street toward the Sound. He stumbled and began falling forward. His walker fell six feet down the seawall; he fell just short of the seawall. I ran to him as I saw him falling, dialing 911 as I ran. It seemed like 60 seconds and a patrol car with two patrolmen arrived and provided aid and comfort to the man. I noted how careful they were when dealing with this man who was hurt and probably scared. One patrolman gently helped the man sit upright until the ambulance arrived minutes later.

And today, I accidentally locked myself out of my car, my cellphone being locked inside. Facing a miles-long walk in the cold to my home and back to get the spare key, I called OSPD and asked if they could help me. The dispatcher took my info and in a minute, Patrolman Heather Wright was on the scene and helped me get my spare key. She was friendly, professional, and helpful.

I feel fortunate to live in a town where the police, in my experience, protect and serve the community in a professional manner and with a refreshing dose of human kindness.

Steven Yates
Old Saybrook