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02/02/2022 07:00 AM

Importance of Community Service

Bare Necessities, Inc., would like to thank the Morgan Fencing Team for the very successful diaper drive it held on Jan. 8. Coach Jim Barnett and his team requested opponents, families, and spectators to drop off diapers and wipes at their home meet. In total they collected 3,945 diapers, 11,280 wipes and $50 in cash.

Their kindness and generosity will help babies in our shoreline community stay clean, dry, and healthy. The Morgan Fencing Team has helped us at Bare Necessities, Inc., with our car washes last summer and with our annual Duck Race. We are grateful for the team’s continued help and support.

Head Coach Jim Barnett, Assistant Coach Chris Balestracci, and volunteer coaches Alan Fotiyev and Alex Rauccio are not only coaching our town fencing men and women with their skills on the strips, but they are teaching them the importance of community service and giving to those in need. They are an asset to our community and we are very grateful for their support. We wish them all the best in their fencing matches ahead and continued success!

Nancy Popp

Vice President of Bare Necessities, Inc.