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02/02/2022 07:00 AM

Best for the Community

Madison residents approach an inflection point regarding the future of our community. The voters’ choices on Feb. 15 will greatly influence the further evolution of Madison. Voters should consider whether we are collectively willing to invest in community assets that have the potential to dramatically increase the vitality of our community, the vibrancy of our downtown center, and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

The time has come to hear from voters. Voters will want to wisely appraise the cost of these projects in terms of the value that they bring. Investing in schools and a community center will support our premium property values, increasing the desirability of Madison for folks who are looking to purchase a home on the shoreline. But consider, this decision is much more than just the financial implications to the town and the taxpayer. Sometimes, we just need to move forward, considering the needs of our community as a whole.

In our many years of living in Madison, we can not recall a time when information regarding referenda questions have been more extensively analyzed, developed, and communicated. Bipartisan citizen volunteers have long and adroitly labored over developing these proposals and have considered many, many options. Townspeople have significantly participated in defining these proposals through public involvement, public surveying, and public hearings. These options under consideration have risen to the top as the best for the community and this time. We encourage Madison voters to embrace the transformational vision of an enhanced Madison by voting “Yes” on all three questions.

Selectman Al Goldberg

Selectman Scott Murphy