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12/01/2021 07:00 AM

A Glowing Start

Off to a glowing start, Rays for Rams has amassed almost $30,000 toward installation of lights at the Old Saybrook High School Turf Field. That’s a fifth of the goal established by the Board of Selectmen for the ad hoc fundraising committee. We would like to thank the 125 supporters who purchased tickets to our first event, Laughs for Lights. Committed and involved community members gathered in person and virtually to enjoy first-rate comedy and pizzas while enthusiastically donating to the cause. Many thanks go to local comedian Vin McElhone, artisan chef Michael Souza, Kathy and Phil Ledwith, Luigi’s, and the Fire Department for their generous support of this kick-off event.

In addition to the comedy event, our website is accepting donations and has already welcomed at least 40 others donors from Old Saybrook and beyond: Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, New York, and Illinois are a few of the other areas eager to support this long overdue opportunity for our community: Friday Night Lights! Rays for Rams is seeking sponsors at all levels. Our first donation, $20,000 made by the Department of Police Services, established the Gold Level Sponsorship. Personalized engraving bricks, lawn signs, and bumper stickers are available donation opportunities we hope everyone will be able to support.

Of course, we invite all community organizations to participate as well. Each contribution brings us closer. We’ll keep you posted on our efforts and movement toward our goal. The generosity of all citizens will move the mark toward our goal of $150,000. To learn more about how you can support this incredible opportunity for our community, visit!

Selectman Scott Giegerich

Alan R. Hyla

Co-Chairs, Rays for Rams

Old Saybrook