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11/10/2021 07:00 AM

We Have No Guarantees

My introduction into politics was when I was 21 years old; I ran for office for the very first time in a four-way primary. Since my start I have run in many elections, I was on the Board of Education for 12 years, 2 of which I was the chair. I also served on Town Council for six years and served three terms as part of the Civil Service Commission. So, I write this letter with a true understanding of how our town government works.

I live in the west end of town; the west end has historically been neglected. The airport expansion, especially one with an entrance in East Haven, will completely ruin the district as well as change the entire character of our suburban town. This greatly concerns me, as this jeopardizes my lifestyle and property as well as that of my friends and neighbors in all the districts on this side of East Haven.

I have been on more boards and commissions than anyone in this town, I have run for office in many elections, and I know when our town government is not working to the benefit of our taxpayers.

We have no guarantees about the airport; the city and state can override the eminent domain section of the agreement with the airport. Mayor Carfora has failed to get any guarantees in writing regarding damage to our property and homes.

I urge all the people who have supported me through the years to carefully vote during our next election. We need to vote for the people who are going to help us with these problems to guarantee that our quality of life won’t be affected by this expansion.

Marilyn Vitale

East Haven