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11/10/2021 07:00 AM

Issues Worthy of Discussion

I’m floored, mind-boggled, and even shocked at the election results in the two towns I have called home since 1995. Westbrook has a hair under 7,000 registered voters. Granted, many may be away in both towns yet fewer than 2,500 cared enough to get out to vote? Old Saybrook has 10,000 registered voters and fewer than 3,500 bothered to go to the polls?

There were issues in both towns worthy of discussion during the run up to yesterday. This kind of a low turnout is a slap in the face to those who gave their all to run as a candidate. It also sends another message, a much darker one and that is: If we aren’t interested in the results and don’t care who wins then, please don’t complain when things happen!

Both towns have been fairly well-run and managed, yet they are not without local issues. These local issues need our input, our ideas, and representatives do listen. Lastly, what are we teaching your children by not voting? Think about that and resolve to vote in coming elections or suffer the consequences down the road when things go downhill—and they will. Your readers chose to live here on this beautiful shoreline for a reason. That reason comes with the responsibility to be part of the community, not an excuse to sit on a shelf and complain.

And a huge thank you to for having the election results shortly after 9 p.m., unlike the main media outlets who had nothing until after midnight and still don’t as of 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Sybil Nassau