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11/03/2021 08:00 AM

Welcoming and Appealing

I would like to congratulate Mayor Joe Carfora for his efforts to present East Haven public buildings in such an attractive light. In the pas,t I have driven by town halls in Branford, Guilford, and Clinton and marveled at the creative and beautiful landscaping and care given to those properties. I often wished that the groundskeepers or public works people could focus as much care and planning in our town.

When I drove by the Town Hall last week en route to a dentist appointment, I was so impressed with the fall pumpkin display, the lovely hydrangeas, and the pots with shrubs. The Town Hall has never looked better and the East Haven Green is getting attention and handsome results as well.

It makes me proud to see the effort and planning devoted to our grounds. I thank the mayor and staff for getting making our town so welcoming and appealing!

Dinah Virgulto

East Haven