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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

The Virtues Needed

I was just thinking that I have known my sister, Sally Buemi, for 65 years. We have played, learned, laughed, and cried together. Our parents strove to instill in us, along with our older sister, the virtues needed to become the best that we could be.

Sally learned her lessons well. For the past eight years I have watched her represent North Haven on the Board of Selectman. That she cares for our town is undeniable. She has been the voice of reason at countless board meetings. She has been generous with her time and is always prepared for the topic at hand. She has the courage to express her opinion even when it might not please everyone in the room. She has been able to cooperate with the others that make up our town government.

I can truly say that she is a fair, honest and reliable person, but you already know that if you have seen her in action. I encourage all citizens of North Haven to put on their thinking caps and figure out how to get her re-elected and to vote for Sally Buemi.

Michael Buemi

North Haven