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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

The Opportunity of Serving

My name is John A. Samperi I am a candidate for first selectman. For 15 years, I have enjoyed the benefits of choosing Killingworth for my family homestead and business. I choose to be a candidate for the Killingworth Conservative Party for the following reasons:

Our country, state, and local governments are experiencing a quickly changing economic climate. The costs of running government and conducting business as usual are abruptly changing. It is my goal as first selectman to always maintain and improve the quality of life that Killingworth can provide for our residents.

It will be my primary goal to create a review of every dollar budgeted to our various town departments. I will require an in-depth study with each department head to review their budget and determine areas of duplication.

Our town should be run as a business, no different than each of the budgets established by our residents. Each town department provides a proposed operational budget for goods and services they provide. I will require interim budget forecasts and review of actual expenditures go determine how our tax dollars are being spent and make recommendations for improvements where warranted.

As first selectman I will always welcome suggestions and criticisms. One of our largest budgets is to maintain sufficient support for the education of our children. We must support the excellence provided by our talented teaching staff that provide that high quality education.

Our residents receive a high level of service and security provided by the officers of the State Department of Emergency Services. We are fortunate and should thank them for their service.

My team and I look forward to the opportunity of serving our town. I am John A. Samperi and I look forward to your readers’ votes to be their next first selectman.

John A. Samperi


Killingworth Conservative candidate John Samperi is running for first selectman.