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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Strong, Financially Aware, Experienced

Madison has been good to us. We have lived in Madison for 43 years and had a business in town for 35 of those years. We feel that not only luck and timing made things work so well but because Madison was so fiscally sound.

Things in Connecticut and especially along the shoreline are changing rapidly and this means we need strong, financially aware, experienced people on our Board of Finance. Jean Fitzgerald is this person. Jean has been board chair for the last four years and we need to keep her there. Not only is Jean our ideal choice for this position, we need to maintain continuity between the state and Madison on many issues in which Jean is already involved. We are lucky to have our son, his wife, and two children living in Madison. We hope that they, too, can someday say, “Madison has been good to us!” We encourage your readers to vote to re-elect Jean Fitzgerald to our Board of Finance.

Kathleen “Casey” and Peter Smith