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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Schools Need to Adjust

If COVID has taught us anything in the world of education, it has kindly reminded us that our humanity needs perpetual attention, our relationships must be sincere, and our children need guidance and mentorship in a world with so few answers. My name is Jason Feeney and I am running for a seat on the Clinton Board of Education.

I graduated from The Morgan School and now teach in the Bridgeport School District. As I continue to campaign, looking for insights from voters in general and parents in particular, I hear a common thread throughout: Our kids are uneasy, tense, worried, and seemingly without direction. Blame whomever you will, but the schools need to adjust to the increasing needs of our community, and not what is published in the ivory towers of academia, programs that do not work here. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and an assortment of other diagnosable ailments run rampant while our leaders discuss and debate yet another well-intentioned initiative with very poor results.

We need healthy mentors, vocational endeavors, dynamic instruction with relevance, and a connection to the students’ lives. We cannot continue to live with our heads in the sand. We can ill afford one more tragedy. Enough is enough. I encourage your readers to support my candidacy on Nov. 2.

Jason Feeney


Green Party candidate Jason Feeney is seeking a seat on the Board of Education.