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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Represents All Voices

What we do this Nov. 2 is the most important task before us. North Haven is at a big moment in our town’s history. This local election will decide which direction our town goes into the future. Post-pandemic North Haven can rise to new heights as we have never seen before and become the sort of place that uplifts everyone to their full potential. But, to reach the top we need leadership on the Board of Selectman that as a team has a shared vision for the future, a community we can develop and be proud of today and tomorrow.

Four candidates are running for seats on the North Haven Board of Selectmen; the top three vote-getters will earn the privilege to serve this great town. I would like your readers’ votes, not just for myself but for the kind of leadership we need for North Haven’s future. I encourage your readers to vote Nov. 2 for a leader on the Board of Selectmen who represents all voices and can bring a new perspective to our town’s leadership team.

Carl Kordek

North Haven

Democrat Carl Kordek is running for first selectman.