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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Provide Critical Continuity

Those who live in Westbrook and have visited the Town Hall to check on their real estate records, request an absentee ballot, get a fishing or hunting license, or have something notarized have probably met our town clerk of 16 years, Joan Angelini. If they have decided to run for public office and must complete paperwork, or if they serve on a town board and must ensure their meetings and agendas are properly recorded, they’ve counted on Joan. Even young visitors to the room in the Town Clerk’s Office with safes and historical documents of our town have spent time with Joan!

All who’ve sought her expertise over 16 years know that as our town clerk, she will take care of the business needed smoothly, promptly, and with a wide smile and happy manner. And she may ask you, “How is every little thing?”

Joan has been a shining example to me over the years of how one can contribute greatly to our small town, by doing hard work in a high quality way. I have served on the Library Board of Trustees for a few terms; when I have had questions, Joan has shared information in a friendly and understandable way.

As our town’s leadership changes this fall, Joan’s past experience as our town clerk will provide critical continuity. I encourage your readers to join me in voting on Nov. 2 for Joan Angelini!

MaryJo Noonan


Democrat MaryJo Noonan chairs the Westbrook Public Library Board of Trustees.