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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Positivity, Quality, and Advancement

If your readers are looking for a candidate with knowledge, experience, and skin in the game, they need look no further than Tom Hollinger. With Tom’s decades of experience on the Board of Finance and a financial background specializing in risk management and his 40 years of home ownership in Clinton, he is a well-qualified and embedded candidate running for Town Council.

Tom sat on the Board of Finance (BOF) for more than 25 years. His financial background, professional knowledge, and concern for the betterment of Clinton made him an excellent steward of the town and its fiscal responsibilities. His tenure on the BOF was marked by conservative advances in budgeting only after thoughtful and knowledgeable consideration. Tom is also a deeply rooted candidate for Town Council. Tom and his wife Sarah raised their two sons here and although their sons have grown up and moved on, Tom and Sarah have continued to be very large supporters of all things Clinton.

In 1988 Tom and his wife Sarah created the Clinton Sport Shop and have worked diligently to provide a sports store recognized for its quality up and down the Shoreline. They are constant and true supporters of The Morgan School as well as its sports program. Tom Hollinger cares very deeply about the quality of life in Clinton. He is not someone who will sit on the sidelines and wonder at town policies. Tom will step up, be counted and vote in manner that will make Clinton the very best it can be today and always.

A vote for Tom Hollinger is a vote for positivity, quality, and advancement for Clinton. I encourage your readers to vote for Tom.

Carol Walter


Republican Carol Walter serves on the Town Council.