Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Perspective, Experience, and Connection

Chet Bialicki is the combination of fresh perspective, professional experience, and community connection that Westbrook needs in its new first selectman. Chet has been dedicated to our schools and families in town for more than 40 years as an educator, and he is even more broadly known in Westbrook for his ability to forge connections between different aspects of our community. He has worked with business leaders to strengthen connections between local businesses and Westbrook schools.

Chet has always worked to be inclusive and strengthen organizations by looking beyond their walls. At Westbrook Schools Chet has helped secure more than $250,000 in grant funding over the last decade, working with colleagues and students to use this funding to make Westbrook students nationally famous for their work on youth leadership and school climate, even being featured in an Aspen Institute publication in 2018. Chet understands what is great about Westbrook, but also knows that only hard work, transparent leadership, and collaborative problem-solving with everyone at the table will truly move Westbrook forward.

Chet Bialicki can be counted on to put the best interests of Westbrook above all else and to work with all of the Westbrook community to make the hard decisions in an honest and open manner. I encourage Westbrook residents to vote for Chet Bialicki on Nov. 2.

Evelyn Corda