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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Perseverance, Drive, and Tenacity

I am the son of town clerk candidate Nancy Giannini. I am grateful for the love and support my mother has given me in every moment of my life. My mother has and is always there when I needed her, and even more importantly, when I didn’t realize I needed her.

My mother has taught me by showing me what being a good person means. It means doing the right thing, always. It means working hard and playing hard. It means giving back to your community and those in need. It means to show up. Showing up to anything in my life, event, moment, work and give 101 percent knowing you or anybody are not going to get back anything in return. My mother taught me to have expectations but also give selflessly.

I describe my mother as a saint, a superhuman—one of a kind! I admire my mother’s perseverance, drive, and tenacity. Her kindness to everyone shows me what it is to be kind. Her drive for perfection inspires me daily. My mother has taught me to love endlessly. My mother has taught me to fight for what I believe in and never back down for what is right, to try my best always and laugh often.

I appreciate how my mother always worked so hard to show her love for me in the most selfless ways. Now that I have several years of experience in the kitchen, I understand what went into those big breakfasts my mother would make. The Sunday meals my mother started before going to Mass, the huge Italian dinners my mother made for the family and all my friends, the pizza parties. Although life has not been always easy for my mother, she always taught me to learn from my mistakes and rise above.

John Giannini, Jr.