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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Open, Transparent, and Participatory

This letter is written to encourage the voters of Deep River to reelect George “Bud” Eckenroth and Carmela Balducci to the Board of Finance. It is important to the future fiscal stability of the town that these two experienced board members continue to serve.

Budgets matter: The budget is our town’s most important document! Our town budget has become more strategic over the last several years; the budget itself has increasingly become a combination of a policy, operational prescription, and communication tool. The budget reflects our policies and civic priorities. It indicates how we anticipate raising revenues, spending, and investing; it is a summary of our policy decisions. Its changes from one year to the next articulate the direction our community wants to head..

The open, transparent, and participatory budget process that Bud and Carmela have created to communicate the development and control of the budget reflects their experience, knowledge, and continued commitment to Deep River.

First Selectman Angus McDonald

Selectman Duane Gates

Democrats Angus McDonald and Duane Gates are seeking re-election on Nov. 2.