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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Measured, Balanced, and Well-Researched

It is with great honor that I endorse and will be voting for Eric Bergman for Clinton Town Council on Nov. 2. Independent voices are desperately needed and Eric will continue to be that voice.

In my discussions with Eric, it’s clear to me that he brings to the council a measured, balanced, and well-researched opinion, something that often seems hard to find these days.

Knowing Eric and what he stands for, I can’t think of a better person to represent the broad spectrum of members of this community as he works with other town leaders. Eric has a solid understanding of Clinton’s most critical needs, including educational, social, and infrastructure improvements that that are believed to be essential to the continued health, wellbeing, and growth of our town.

In spite of the challenges we face and hurdles that lie ahead, the future of Clinton has never been brighter. New horizons for our children and young adults can be seen at the dawn of each day. Small businesses are thriving in Clinton and these establishments are often owned and operated by second and third generations. Having traveled throughout North America, I can honestly say we are blessed with some of the most amazing geography and natural resources in the country. For those who call Clinton home, we often take for granted all the wonderful things our town has to offer, although we also find ourselves giving thanks for everything that makes Clinton such a special place, and to those town leaders who served their community.

With Eric at the table of our town leadership, I know he will serve us all well as we work together to build and sustain a community where families and individuals can live together.

Darby Hittle