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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Listening to our Needs

I am writing this letter in support of Lou Annino, Jr., for re-election and for Jamie Young for election to Killingworth’s Board of Selectmen.

As selectman for the past 10 years, Lou has proven himself a leader in the development of a 10-year strategic capital plan to improve our town roads, municipal facilities, and future services. He has always worked to keep our taxes as low as possible, to keep our roads safe, and to strengthen municipal services. As a commissioner for more than 20 years on our Planning & Zoning Commission, Lou diligently promoted Killingworth’s rural character in conjunction with recognizing Killingworth’s growth in planning for the future.

Lou is known for listening to our needs and concerns. His priority has always been: What can we do to make Killingworth the best place for multiple generations to live and flourish? Lou has proven this as our selectman and deserves to be re-elected.

A Killingworth resident for 23 years, Jamie Young has a graduate degree in ethics and a law degree with a specialization in mediation and contracts. She is an attorney who has experience in industry as well as state government. She has served as associate legal counsel to then-governor Jodi Rell and in the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection under then-governor Dannel Malloy.

Jamie and her husband have raised three boys in town, and she knows the value of great schools and recreational infrastructure. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for Lou Annino, Jr., and Jamie Young on Nov. 2 for selectmen and to vote Row A all the way.

Joan Gay