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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Listen, Decide, and Act

We have lived in North Haven for several decades and we’re extremely proud to call it our home. A very big reason for this is that Mike Freda is our first selectman.

Mike Freda, our first selectman for more than 10 years, has proven time and time again that he is a true professional who manages our town like a well-run business. He possesses the business acumen that a AAA-rated town requires. He gained this talent from working a long, successful career in business. How fortunate we are to have him at the helm of our town!

Mike is visibly ubiquitous around this town and has sacrificed his own personal life to humbly serve the citizens of North Haven by being the kind of selfless leader who makes himself available to listen to everyone. Everyone.

He does this because he truly cares about each and every person who calls North Haven their home. His style of governing is to listen, then decide, and finally to act.

His popularity is enormous and he is widely respected, not only in our town, but statewide. He is truly a leader for us all. Other Connecticut towns envy us. They wish that they could have such a leader like Mike in their town. But they don’t. We do, and how lucky we are!

We encourage your readers to vote to re-elect Mike Freda as our first selectman.

Rob and Lynne Nielsen

North Haven