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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Dedication to the Environment

As a longtime resident in Killingworth and active volunteer in town, and with a great interest in the environment, from the enjoyment of a simple hike in the woods to the awareness that a healthy planet is needed to ensure all humans, plants, and animals can withstand climate change, I will be pleased to cast a vote for Jamie Young for selectman.

Early in her career, Jamie worked at Paul Smith’s College, helping to turn a school that already had good reputation into a recognized national leader in ecology and the environment. While furthering her education at the Yale Divinity School, Jamie combined classes with the Yale School of Forestry, creating a hybrid master’s degree program between the two schools that others have subsequently pursued. Her commitment to protecting the environment was further evident in her work at the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, where, working with the Governor’s Office, she helped create the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council.

Her work on environmental issues has positively influenced both Democratic and Republican policies at the state and even the national level. Locally, Jamie has been active with the Kill-ingworth Women’s Organization and currently represents Killingworth on the Regional Water Authority’s Representative Policy Board.

Her experience in the worlds of academics, government, and volunteer civic service is admirable, and her dedication to the environment unquestioned. Let’s all get out and vote this Election Day!

David Gumbart