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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Committed to Enhancing Communication

I encourage your readers to support all the Democrats on Line A for Town Council. Paul Gebauer is recently retired and is a self-starter who started the Energy Committee and Sustainability Committee in town. He is currently working with Eversource to address energy consumption in order to benefit local businesses. He is responsible for the solar panels atop our school buildings. Paul would like to see Clinton be a leader in renewable energy initiatives.

Carrie Allen is chair of the Bike and Pedestrian Alliance and is involved in the Arts Council and the Food for All Garden. Chris Passante holds an MBA and is a member of the Board of Education and of the Parks and Recreation Commission. They have time, skills, and energy to devote to Clinton.

The Democrats are committed to enhancing communication between local government and residents so that everyone is up to date on town projects and priorities. They all will get to work on addressing the Pierson School property and move forward on that and other economic development priorities such as downtown beautification and development. Public health and safety will remain a priority as well as maintaining good communication between town employees and government. I encourage your readers to vote Row A on Nov. 2.

Lauren Santos