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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Commitment to Students

I have known Maureen Lewis for 10 years and write this letter in support of her candidacy for the Board of Education (BOE) in Madison. Maureen Lewis exemplifies honesty, commitment, and hard work and has a résumé that conveys the strengths she will bring to the BOE.

She has nearly 20 years of volunteer experience with the Madison public schools including chair of the Parent Representative Council from 2015 to present. In this position, she leads monthly meetings with the superintendent of schools and PTO presidents for each Madison Public School. Prior to this, she was the PTO president for Ryerson, Brown, and Polson schools. Maureen has served as a Madison Public Schools education budget advocate, advocating for fiscally sound education budgets. She chaired the Ryerson School’s After School Winter Enrichment Program, which included developing programs, securing instructors, and managing the program.

Maureen has served as a volunteer and chair of the Madison Candidates Forum, working closely with the League of Women Voters, party leaders, and candidates. Maureen has also chaired or served on numerous committees to support Madison schools, including fundraising campaigns, cultural arts, and community service efforts to help engage students.

This letter of endorsement is for Maureen because I have personally watched her demonstrate her commitment to students and education. She has raised three daughters, all going through the Madison Public Schools, commencing in 2002 and with her youngest daughter graduating from Daniel Hand High School in 2020. I witnessed Maureen working tirelessly, and I can think of no better advocate for students, teacher, and staff in Madison. I hope your readers will consider voting for Maureen Lewis.

William Richmond