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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

Balanced, Measured, and Fair

Self-promotion has never been easy for me. Despite calls early in my career to “sell yourself” to people, something felt fundamentally wrong. I recall my father telling me ad nauseam that modesty is a true sign of character and I’ve tried to live by that. That said, I do humbly ask for your readers’ support on Nov. 2. I’m seeking re-election to the Clinton Town Council for a full term.

While the first two years under our new council-manager model of local government have produced some notable accomplishments, I feel that there’s much more to do and we should do it a bit more quickly. We’re now in a position where we can critique ourselves with clarity and fairness.

First, we must create a more vibrant and reliable method of communication. Citizens appreciate updates regarding development, budgets, grants, and general expenses. Second, we need to move on Pierson now. Let’s get the study done and then create a plan of attack. This valuable piece of property can potentially redefine Main Street and the town at large. Third, we must protect and engage our senior citizens and pursue a senior or community center. Social connection, we’ve learned through the pandemic, is essential.

We must begin in earnest to implement our Plan of Conservation and Development and our Revitalization Plan. People have done the work and research, so now let’s move on them immediately. Protecting our natural resources is also of vital importance as well as finally addressing our water issues.

If elected, I’ll continue to bring an independent voice to the Town Council, immune to party pressures and intimidations. I’ll continue to build healthy and trusting relationships with my peers, colleagues, the town manager, and other stakeholders. I’ll continue to seek solutions that are balanced, measured, fair, and good for Clinton.

Eric Bergman


Green Party candidate Eric Bergman is seeking re-election to the Town Council.