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10/27/2021 08:00 AM

A Passion for Contributing

For more than 30 years, Chester has enjoyed the good fortune of Deb Calamari’s extraordinary service as our town clerk. Kate Hair now seeks to serve in that position and, like Deb, brings with her a broad range of skills and a passion for contributing to our community.

A long-time resident, Kate understands Chester from a variety of perspectives. Her years of experience with retail merchants in Chester, her dynamic involvement on the Chester Conservation Commission, and her contributions to Chester’s Sustainable CT initiative all speak to the diverse background she will bring to the office of town clerk. As a fellow member of the Conservation Commission, I have seen firsthand the productive results of her hard work, her commitment to our town, and her inspired aspirations to serve Chester.

She will be a great asset as town clerk, and I am confident that our entire community will benefit from her service. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for Kate Hair on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Ted Taigen