Sunday, November 28, 2021


We Came Together

Welp, not our proudest moment, Guilford. My family has been stunned to watch ugliness and deception spring from the national playbook and come after the volunteers serving on our Board of Education (BOE).

For the record, I’m fine with my White kids feeling uncomfortable while learning about the legacy of racism. Algebra isn’t comfortable. Latin conjugations aren’t comfortable. Get over it.

As distasteful as this newly arrived national tumult has been, it is not the first serious challenge that we have been invited to deal with at the ballot box since we moved here 20 years ago. Many of us were concerned at an enormous subdivision plan for one of the remaining large open space parcels on shoreline. So, when given the opportunity, our community voted to invest in what is now the East River Preserve. A few years later, when it became clear that our old high school had become a leaky money pit, and despite the efforts of some to peddle lies about the cost to replace it, we came together and voted to build a new flagship school.

We must do it again. We must vote for rows A and C for the BOE. Otherwise I fear the real estate ads might say, “A lovely shoreline town with a beautiful green, fabulous hiking, and classroom conversations that never make your White kid uncomfortable!” I wouldn’t move to a town like that, would you?

Sarah Williams