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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

Thoughtful, Compassionate, and Energetic

We encouraging your readers to consider casting their votes in support of Haifa Jalil for the Westbrook Board of Education. Serving on the Board of Education requires a deep understanding of our community, our schools, and the broader forces that impact both. Haifa Jalil has the professional experience and the personal connections to meet these needs for Westbrook.

Haifa has worked as a science teacher in Westbrook and New Haven, while completing her PhD in education. Given her background, she brings a sense of inquiry and experienced problem solving to every situation. Her graduate dissertation was on the topic of how student’s relationships with their high school teachers affect their college success. What better experience for our schools and community?

On a personal note, we have known Haifa and her family for more than 20 years, as our children overlapped in school, athletic and extracurricular activities. She is thoughtful, compassionate, and energetic.

Westbrook’s Board of Education needs Haifa Jalil to continue its vital work. We encourage your readers to join us in voting for Haifa Jalil on Nov. 2.

Bill and Martha Neale