Sunday, November 28, 2021


The Work Should Continue

When we vote for our local Board of Education, we need to remember that this is a local decision that impacts the children and families in our community, our neighbors, and our friends. I was educated through the Guilford Public Schools. I returned to Guilford and have now entrusted these schools with my two children. There is a tremendous record of success in this district, and I trust the direction that our current Board of Education has chosen regarding the teaching of some of the most difficult topics in our nation’s history.

I am not afraid for my children to feel some discomfort as they learn about some of the saddest chapters in our history. It is uncomfortable. I studied Marxism as Guilford High School, yet I did not turn into a Marxist. On Nov. 2, I will support the candidates on rows A and C—Moira Radar and Arnold Skretta on Row A and Kristy Faulkner, Jennifer Baldwin, and Noel Petra on Row C—because these five candidates also want to stay the course. This district is thriving, and the work should continue.

Gus Kellogg