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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

Steady, Solid Leadership

We are writing in strong support of Lou Annino and Jamie Young’s candidacies for seats on the Killingworth Board of Selectmen. As long-time residents of our town, we have come to know and value the steady, solid leadership that has been provided by Lou. Working with our amazing First Selectman Cathy Iino, he has helped to create a genteel, small-town environment with an excellent school system and fiscally responsible, socially compassionate policies.

As Cathy Iino retires, we are fortunate to have Jamie Young stepping forward to join Lou in continuing the work of maintaining Killingworth’s unique character in the face of severe challenges to education, public health, the local economy, and even democracy itself that rage around us. Jamie has an amazing résumé that prepares her well for these challenges. She has studied ethics at the Yale Divinity School and law at Quinnipiac College. She has worked for many years in legal mediation, served as a legal advisor to former governor Jodi Rell, and served the Town of Killingworth in many capacities. She has also been our neighbor for 20 years and has raised three sons, an accomplishment that she is most proud of.

If your readers have not yet met Jamie, we hope they have the opportunity to do so. She is intelligent, kind, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated. She will be a wonderful addition to our Board of Selectmen and, along with Lou, will guarantee that Killingworth continues to be the kind of town we all want to live in.

We encourage your readers to join us in voting for Lou Annino and Jamie Young on Nov. 2 to keep Killingworth headed in the right direction.

William and Paula Herbst