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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

Seeks to Find the Positive

I volunteer with Carrie Allen at the Food for All Garden and have seen firsthand her commitment to serve others and her love for Clinton. Carrie readily agrees to take on a new project and can often be found riding the tractor, mowing, weeding, harvesting, organizing events, and even helping with fundraising projects.

Carrie is dependable, trustworthy and reliable. She is one of the most capable people I have ever met. Challenges don’t deter her. She is curious and confident and a very thoughtful listener. She has a genuine interest in learning what her friends and neighbors want to see for the future of our town. I admire Carrie and am grateful that there are people like Carrie in Clinton. She is willing to listen and curious to learn.

Carrie seeks to find the positive and takes action to help make Clinton a better place to live and work, while still maintaining its charm and small-town character. I enthusiastically endorse Carrie Allen for the Clinton Town Council.

Beth Critchley