Sunday, November 28, 2021


Rigorous and Truthful

Guilford High School is ranked 20th in Connecticut high schools, 1,163 nationally, according to U.S. News & World Reports. This stellar achievement is due in no small part to the unparalleled excellence of our schools’ leadership and administration and the thoughtful and learned teachers and staff throughout our school system. With three children currently attending our town’s schools, I appreciate the critical-thinking skills they’re developing; skills that are crucial for the independent thinking and problem solving they’ll employ throughout their lives.

Systemic racism is a sad truth of our American past, as well as its present. Pretending it doesn’t exist by teaching a sanitized version of history won’t make it any less true—it’ll just ensure that our children don’t enter the larger world equipped with the knowledge necessary to help create an equitable and just future for all. By electing Jennifer Baldwin, Kristy Faulkner, Noel Petra, Moira Rader, and Arnold Skretta to serve alongside the incumbent Board of Education members, the Guilford school system will continue to educate our children through rigorous and truthful academic exploration and analysis, educating them to be thoughtful, inclusive, critical-thinking members of our society.

Guilford schools have always been among the best. Let’s continue our record of excellence by voting rows A and C on Nov. 2.

Alexandra Gross