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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

Precise, Accurate, and Consistent

Tom Brockett, who grew up and raised his family in Branford, knows more about our town than anyone I know. I have been privileged to work with Tom for several years.

Tom and I represent districts on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) and serve on the RTM Ways and Means Committee. Any time I need information about anything RTM-related, whether about policy, process, or town history, Tom has always been responsive, precise in his explanations, accurate with his knowledge, and consistent in doing the right thing for Branford. On a personal note, Tom is kind-hearted, intelligent and competent. I know he loves our community and is committed to Branford being the very best it can be.

I will proudly cast my vote for Tom Brockett on Nov. 2!

Linda Erlanger


Democrat Linda Erlanger is seeking re-election to the RTM District 3.