Sunday, November 28, 2021


Our Views and Values

I am a registered Republican in Guilford. Let me say that again: I am a registered Republican. For the past few months, I have watched my party splinter and veer completely to the right. Now our town finds itself the focus of local and national media attention and I’m certain that makes most of us uncomfortable. We Republican moderates have been left behind and are in search of moderate options as we vote for the Board of Education (BOE).

Today’s Republican Party is not the one that I grew up with, nor the Republican Party that I want to support. It’s time for moderates and independents to make their voices heard. I encourage registered Republicans to watch the July or August BOE meetings on Guilford Community Television online, particularly the comment period at the end. See how speakers conduct themselves. It’s all out there. We should not choose candidates simply because of their party. We should make sure they represent our views and values and would make us proud on the board for which they are running.

As a moderate Republican in this town, I have made my decision. I will vote for the five candidates on rows A and C in this upcoming election. We need to protect our schools.

Scott Markovich