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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

New and Innovative Ways

I support Lisa Balter for town clerk. As someone retiring from the Board of Finance after 18 years, I know what is needed in the Town Clerk’s Office and what is needed is Lisa Balter.

Lisa’s years of management, extraordinary customer service, and seeking out new and innovative ways to help people is what we need to take the Town Clerk’s Office to the next level. She is bright, cheerful, detail-oriented, always the first one to raise her hand to help, and continuously comes up with new ways to improve a situation.

With Lisa as our next town clerk, we will see improvements we always hoped for in the Town Clerk’s Office. East Haven needs Lisa Balter—I encourage your readers to vote for her on Nov. 2.

Noreen Clough

East Haven

Democrat Noreen Clough serves on the Board of Finance.