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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

Maintain the High Standards

My name is Phil Sengle and I’m running for a seat on the Clinton Board of Police Police Commissionners. I almost didn’t write this letter as I’ve developed a distaste for partisan politics. Such politics has not served the town well over the years. However to win, you must run on somebody’s party line. So here I am, asking for your readers’ votes, which party types are told from birth they must do. I’m no exception here.

What is the Police Commission? It’s not like TV’s Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods. It’s a policy board—think “board of directors.” While the board has hiring and sometimes disciplinary responsibilities, it mostly deals with policy and budget issues. It can approve of department direction or order course corrections. But it generally has no day-to-day responsibility. We don’t get a badge nor do we need one. Any member who unwisely wants one does not understand the job.

You might ask why am I running. First, to maintain the high standards to which the Clinton Police Department has risen under Chief Vincent DeMaio’s leadership. I am proud that I was a member of the commission that hired Chief DeMaio. It was a great decision. However, maintaining excellence requires continuous improvement and diligence. If elected, I will ensure that this happens. One of my goals (a longstanding department goal) will be adding multi-lingual officers to the department who will help us serve our community better.

As to my overall philosophy you will always know what side of the “thin blue line” I’m on. That line separates us from crime and anarchy. We have nothing without law and order. Your readers will find me at the end of Line C on ballot column 22. I appreciate their support very much.

Phil Sengle


Phil Sengle is a Green Party candidate for the Board of Police Commissioners.