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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

Cons Were Enormous

Residents of North Branford and Guilford, especially those who live along Route 80 where it intersects with Route 139, should take note. In 2014, J.J. Sullivan was looking to build a propane tank farm on Ciro Road off of Route. 80. A group of concerned citizens did some homework and investigated the pros and cons of such a bussiness. The pros were minor, the cons were enormous, such as two schools, a church with a daycare, a library, two gas stations, a retirement home (Evergreen Woods), and hundreds of single-family homes all within the blast zone if the tanks exploded, not to mention the most important, a small fire department that would be ill-equipped to handle such a catastrophe.

We have just learned that J.J. Sullivan sued the town and a judge overturned the original ruling. We the citizens were never told of these developments. To see what can go terribly wrong, go on Google and type in “propane farm explosions”!

Jo-Anne Consiglio

North Branford