Sunday, November 28, 2021


An Admirable Record of Service

Cooperation, collaboration, and respectful results—that’s what we get from Jeff Beatty’s legal background and detailed working knowledge of our town’s finances and Sue Renner’s and Charlie Havrda’s expertise and respectful exploration of the decisions facing the Board of Selectmen. Your readers’ votes for each of them will continue to move Guilford forward, protecting each of us with prudent financial and leadership-driven decisions.

Beatty, Havrda, and Renner were unanimously endorsed to continue to serve our town. Our town finances continue to be strong, and they have been an important part of continuing to balance the town’s needs, strengths, goals, and required programs and services to taxpayers and residents. Each has had varied roles in the Guilford High School Building project and funding, most recently to participate in the refinancing of $18 million of town debt that dropped our interest from 3.0 percent to 1.27 percent for a projected $2.4 million savings in annual debt service over 14 years.

Renner uses her skill set as a CPA in her daily work as a CFO. Havrda is an experienced local businessman and a trustee of Guilford Savings Bank. Beatty is an experienced attorney, handling land use, real estate law, and contracts. All three have an admirable record of support and service to local organizations and nonprofits spanning decades.

I encourage readers to vote for Beatty, Havrda, and Renner for the Guilford Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen, respectively.

Keith B. Bishop