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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

A Great Town

I’m writing to address certain mailers sent out by the opposition to the Cosgrove for Branford team, along with letters that have appeared here that claim that several important projects in town have been mismanaged and caused cost overruns. Here are the facts on cost overruns: There are none. All the major projects in town have come in under budget as approved unanimously by the RTM and Board of Finance.

In addition, there is the claim that jobs are not coming to Branford. Really? I can’t drive anywhere in town without seeing “Help Wanted” signs. You would need to have your head in the sand not to see all the site work being done for tax-paying, job-creating businesses all over Branford.

Now on communications, specifically the “active shooter” incident earlier this year, our emergency management team hit a grand slam on this one! They rushed in as always to protect all of us, notified the right people at the right time, evacuating as needed. That’s how it works. Politicians run out and look for cameras and put themselves on notification calls.

I’m thrilled that so many of your readers have reached out to show support for the Cosgrove team this year. We have a great town. I hope all of your readers can support the whole Cosgrove for Branford team, so we can make Branford the best town it’s ever been.

Ray Ingraham


RTM Majority Leader and Republican Town Committee Chair Ray Ingraham is seeking re-election to the RTM Distirct 5.