Sunday, November 28, 2021


A Different Perspective

As a Guilford citizen for 50-plus years and a former student at all levels of Guilford’s public schools, I have serious concerns as to the recent state of our community, and specifically, our school system. However, it is encouraging that a group of parents are standing up to offer another perspective.

I hope we would all agree, as elected officials, it is incumbent on the Board of Education (BOE) to represent all of Guilford’s citizens and children. The BOE should not be a political arm for either party and should not allow politics to infiltrate the education system.

This year’s slate of Republican candidates won the nomination of the party by offering a different perspective for our children’s education. They won in the Republican caucus and again in the Republican primary. This mandate from the voters is a call to the community to protect the rights of all families and all children. These candidates will do so.

If they do not already know the Row B candidates, I would encourage every voter to have an open mind and listen to what they offer. I think they will be pleasantly surprised in learning the candidates are all very successful individuals and parents with a goal to provide Guilford with an exceptional educational system for all of our children without the infusion of politics.

On Nov. 2, I would encourage Guilford to support the Row B candidates in the BOE election. All of Guilford’s children and families deserve to be represented and deserve a seat at the table.

Fred Rosa