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10/20/2021 08:00 AM

A Balance of Progress

As a registered unaffiliated, I’ll vote for candidates from all parties in our next election, and Eric Bergman will be included. I’m not voting on popularity, but rather on my research on the issues, combined with my desire to want leaders who can look at all sides of a problem and make the best decisions for the greater good.

I’m a relative newcomer in town (14 years), and I have the disadvantage of not being one of the “cool kids” who went to Morgan. However, I love Clinton and want to see a balance of progress while retaining the wonderful open spaces and respect for nature that drew me to retire here.

Speaking of retiring, I’m a gerontologist who cares about aging in place here in town. Eric as well as some other candidates running on Nov. 2 clearly are aware of the need to address seniors’ needs. However, I’m hearing from the students at Morgan just how great, helpful, and caring he is as a teacher. That is why I mentor, and one reason I’m supporting Eric. As time goes by, I will need to depend on these now-high-school-aged people to care for me in my aging life. What better way to raise awareness of our value as senior citizens who have worth and who deserve inclusiveness than to show our youth we care about them and the world we leave for them?

As a teacher and current Town Council member, Eric Bergman is already delivering that concept. I hardly know Eric very well personally, but having worked with him on a project at Morgan this past year, I’m impressed with how he relates to his students, the people around him, and his way of looking at things from all sides and coming up with creative solutions.

Cathy Weiss