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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

We Will See Results

Tom Hollinger is a friend of mine. He is also a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather to boot. Tom grew up in Philadelphia, hence his love of the Phillies and Eagles. He and his wife Sarah moved here in 1981. They raised their two sons in Clinon, both graduates of The Morgan School.

Tom has had an extensive background in lending, banking, and management since 1972. He is quite knowledgeble in the workings of our town government. Since Tom was elected to the Board of Finance (BOF) in 1987, along with his duties as a board member, he has been chairman of the Bonding Comittee, representing the BOF in labor negotiations between the town and several bargaining units (including police and education). He worked on advanced planning for capital expenditures and an upgrade in the personnel in the Finance Department to a professional level, bringing the town bond rating to AA2.

Now that is experience. And that is what we want in our Town Council members. He has more experience than anyone else running for that position. He will get in and work hard with Town Manager Karl Kilduff and all the others on the council, and we will see results.

Tom Hollinger is my friend, but more important he is a friend of Clinton. We need him on the Town Council

Jane Scully Welch